Angus Buchan

Jill and I found Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour on the 18th of February 1979, just two years after settling in Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, South Africa.  Originally from Zambia, we bought a piece of land on which we planned to farm crops and livestock.  We had very little to start with, but even as brand new Christians, we were content with our farm, which we later called SHALOM.

In 1980, the Lord gave us a clear vision.  Very simply and clearly through His Word, we believed our responsibility to be the following:
  1. The Great Commission - Mark 16:15
  2. Caring for Orphans and Widows - James 1:27
  3. Equipping Saints for the Work of Ministry - Matthew 28:20
In November 1989 we felt the Lord call us to hire town halls and preach the Gospel, wherever He would lead.  In 1990, we held our first campaign in Ladysmith, Kwa-Zulu Natal.  I remember the feeling of pure excitement and anxiety as I walked into the municipal office to hire the town hall.  Since then, we haven't turned back, and our Lord has remained faithful.  
Our children's home, Beth-Hatlaim (house of lambs) was opened in 1995 and we have been blessed with children.  We have faced many challenges, deaths and much joy since we started, but again, the Lord has never let us down.  We thoroughly enjoy each personality that the Lord send us,  to care for.  Our eldest has already left home to study in Durban, while our youngest has just started to walk.   It is amazing to watch them grow so quickly and to show and teach them our Saviour's love.
The Shalom Fellowship started as local folk met to worship God. We meet on Sundays and during the week.  We are involved in various community projects and outreach programs in our area, to equip the saints.
As we look back over the many years, we are so blessed to see how our Lord has and is fulfilling His Vision in our lives.  We trust you will also be able to seek God for your vision, that you will make it plain and write it on your heart (Habakkuk 2 vs 2-3) and run with it.  Never forget the focus, JESUS CHRIST.  He is your first priority... then family... then the work of the Lord.
Angus and Jill Buchan
Below: The Official Trailers for two movies about Angus Buchan's story:  
"Faith like Potatoes" and "Angus Buchan's Ordinary People"

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