Speakers 2014

The speakers for 2014 KMMC Conference will be Leon Schoeman, Afrika Mhlophe, Johnny Louw and Retief Burger

LEON SCHOEMAN is a pastor and also a strategic and creative leader in local and international Christian television. Before he answered the challenging call of God for his life to change Christian television both locally and internationally, Leon co-founded and managed one of the top 5 rated broadcast design and strategy companies in the world, Orijin. He is the creative leader behind many great local and international television channels and networks such as Supersport, MNET, ESPN, Disney, Kyknet, MK, MNET Series, Mzanzi and BBC to name a few.

He has won more than 50 international and local broadcast excellence and advertising awards over the past 16 years.  But as he puts it “ God allowed me to get my training in secular television to later apply it for His Kingdom, His Glory and His Honor to make Christian television creative, interesting, relevant and accurately reflective of Jesus, so we can have quality programs, shows, music and Word, packaged in a way that rivals any top television network in the world”. 

Following Gods’ call and instruction, he now heads up TBN Africa on DSTV, CTV - Christian Television on Vivid in Africa and Europe, as well as Clear TV for Sky Network in Europe, and is also a senior strategy consultant for 28 international Christian television networks.

Leon and his wife also pastors a student church and are part of the senior pastors team at River Ministries. He ministers regularly throughout South Africa at a various Churches and conferences and are passionate about souls, and getting people to understand and walk in the fullness of what God has for their lives.

As he puts it “We as born again children of God are giants slayers, just as David was, and we need to realize that nothing is impossible for those who believe”.


AFRIKA MHLOPHE  said he was struck that the Karoo Mighty Men was all about “lives changed by God’s power and not just a mass camping out of men”.

Mhlophe said he noted that the style of speakers at the KMMC he attended was to speak from the heart rather than to deliver prepared sermons. He expects to adopt that approach.

The book “Christianity And The Veneration Of The Dead” was published this year and is aimed at Christians who ignorantly engage in ancestral worship, believing that it is endorsed by Scripture. In his book, he proves theologically that ancestral worship is misguided.

Mhlophe was orphaned at the age of 13 and says he was brought up by relatives who abused him and misappropriated the inheritance that his mother had left him.

“It is only after my mother died in 1989 that I tasted what it feels like to go to bed hungry. I have experienced many other tragedies in my life but the Lord has seen me through all of them,” he said.

He is married to Lindelwa, a quantity surveyor and project manager who runs her own firm. They have a son of 4 and 21-month-old daughter.

Mhlophe pastors Good News Community Church which is the same church at which he committed his life to the Lord in 1996, the year in which he also matriculated at Kwamagxaki High School. His ministry regularly takes him to Estonia, Sweden and Nigeria and even China.

He has been an executive member of Transformation Christian Network (TCN) since 2006. He has been a presenter on Radio Kingfisher on and off for more than 10 years, and is currently involved with Gateway News as chairman of the board and as a columnist.

Mhlophe, who is also involved in various social endeavours, says: “My desire is to see God’s kingdom permeate every sphere of society. I am burdened by the fact that Christians are shying away from involving themselves in current and topical issues.“


JOHNNY LOUW was born on 9 December 1972 in Calvinia, South Africa.  My father passed away when I was 4 years old. As a young boy, I watched the world in search of an identity. It was a search that would take me too much heartache, disillusionment and rebellion. I started my career in the SAPS. As a Policeman, I started using drugs and a double life started to emerge.

In 2000, I left the service of the SAPS and became a businessman.  After a life of alcohol, drugs and money, nothing remained of my innocence. I was caught in a web of guilt and self-accusation. I decided then to commit suicide. It felt like there was no other way out for me. That day a miracle took place in my life which changed it totally. I met Jesus. This Lord came and changed my life, took me out of the miry pit and set me right so that I can live my created reason. That reason is to declare His message of salvation. To be a new man and God's son!

Today, I am a full time evangelist and motivational speaker all over South Africa. Addressing more than 250 000 people a year. Young people are my passion, and to warn them and help them has become my ministry. I have addressed more than 300 schools in this calling. 70 interdenominational Men groups have been called into existence, and 248 congregations across SA have been visited. I'm married to Jomene and live in Cape Town.

To be once again one of Karoo Mighty Men’s speakers is really a privilege and am I grateful to serve the Lord by making a difference in men’s life throughout South Africa.


RETIEF BURGER - A deeper look into the life of a worshiper

Interview with Retief Burger

One of the pictures of Retief that I seem to involuntarily recall, is of him in one of the main roles in our primary school play: “Lodilla, prinses van die woud”. He was one of the most confident tortoises to ever grace a primary school stage. We all knew that he was going to be head-boy, and I remember the hilarious Rooikappie jokes he always told in school assemblies.

 So, even way before three live-recorded Luidkeels albums and two books, of which the latest, Dieper, is the reason for this interview, Retief stood out as a boy that lived from his heart, with conviction and passion. Throughout high school and varsity, I observed how this witty boy was growing into one of the spiritual leaders of our generation.

To relate his own journey over the past two decades, and to honor God with the testimony of the Luidkeels adventure, Retief recently launched his second book Dieper (Also available in Engish as Deeper). His first book titled Luidkeels, was released in 2010.

One of the biggest blessings of the new book, which I pretty much couldn’t put down, is the honesty with which Retief relates the battles of his journey as a “public” minister. Not because I think its encouraging that people in public ministry struggle like “normal people”, because I don’t actually make that distinction. It blessed me mostly because I could so relate to seeing how Jesus is faithful to bring every person who is serious about following Him to a place of real surrender. For some people, He uses seasons of obscurity. For other, He uses seasons of fame. No matter what the process, the outcome of surrender to the Lordship of Christ is freedom … and authentic worship. A beautiful fragrance unto God.

 Which I interpret to be the whole point of the Dieper book, and which has been one of the key messages that I have heard from Retief’s life.

“The aim of this book is to equip and inspire readers to worship God in all areas of their lives,” said Retief. “Worship is so much more than singing, it’s a matter of the heart. Everyone is worshipping something. We get to choose what we worship. God is the only one worthy of our worship and I trust that this book will help people to choose Him above anything else,” he added.

 Retief is sold-out to serve Jesus’s Bride, the church, and in the book he highlights how being invested in a local body of believers is central to the life of a worshipper. One of the moments where I was personally impacted by Retief’s genuineness in this regards, was during a conversation we had in a taxi in Manila during an Every Nation world conference. I was fairly new to the movement at that stage, and was grappling with the authenticity of discipleship processes. I can’t recall exactly what he said, but I know that the Lord used that conversation to shift my own attitude towards being discipled, and intentionally discipling others.

“We try to build church differently, where every member is a minister and everyone makes disciples. When this happens the work of a leader becomes so much easier and one where the equipping of the saints and the raising up of leaders becomes a joy,” said Retief about his current main ministry focus as a pastor. “When members submit willingly, pray for their leaders and make disciples, the role of a leader is so much easier,” he added.

 In the book, Retief emphasizes how worship can never be equated to just singing songs on a Sunday, but he also explores the blessing and Biblical foundations for using our voices and songs to express our adoration of Jesus.

 There is also a chapter devoted to exploring the Hebrew terms for praise and worship, and to encourage worship leaders and music teams in local churches. “Personal holiness and devotion to Jesus is of utmost importance. Servanthood is key, because the stage is a very dangerous place. Musicians must be discipled and also make disciples (reaching lost people and laying strong Biblical foundations). Musicians must be committed to local church and see it as a spiritual family. Insecurities must be dealt with in an honoring, open way as all of us struggle with this and need help to form our characters to become more like Jesus. Good skill and the right attitude is vital. People with a lovely heart, but no skill will only frustrate the ministry,” is Retief’s summary of key values that need to be cultivated in worship teams to serve the people, and more importantly, honour God.

In Dieper, Retief highlights thankfulness as a weapon to see breakthrough in personal and corporate worship. “After almost 20 years of following Jesus and ministering to people I am grateful that God chose to use me. I am thankful for the new book and how I believe God is going to use it to help shape the worship in our nation. I am deeply thankful to be in ministry and part of a great local church.”

 One of the key themes that stand out for me from Dieper, is that worshipping Jesus is a way of life, and that there are no areas of our lives that are more “sacred”, and others more “secular”. All of it is about Jesus. Retief lives this as well. “I love hanging out with friends and family, also nature and hunting. I’m also an avid bird-watcher. I’ve done a couple of triathlons, and I love to train.” When things get out of perspective, reading a good book, playing golf with his dad or going on a family holiday gets him back on track.

Retief has a deep love for South Africa. “I am inspired by the cultural diversity and the sincerity of our people. I have a big heart for the Afrikaner people and know that God has called me to minister unto them, but being a part of Every Nation churches, I also love the nations and missions. We are serious about church planting and advancing God’s kingdom in this way,” he said. He includes a pretty sober, yet deeply encouraging prophecy in Dieper, which he recorded in March 2013. (Available on  https://soundcloud.com/retief-burger/profesieoorsa).

 “I believe God is calling us back to Himself. Not to religion or rules. He wants intimacy. He wants his bride to be fully devoted to Him, forsaking all other false lovers. This means that we have to turn back to God. God also is calling his church to stop looking inwards and to go and reach a lost world with the gospel of Jesus. Only the truth will set people free. We must bring that truth unashamedly,” he said.

Retief’s own story, as he relates it in Dieper, is just a very real journey that highlights how following Jesus (which is pretty much the point of being a disciple), often leads us off our “stages”, and into places where we desperately have to rely on the love of God to heal the brokenness in us, and in the people we encounter.

 On that note, I remember having a dream a few years ago. In the dream, Retief was ministering in our church in Stellenbosch. Sometime during the dream, he walked off the stage, and out of the door to minister to the communities outside the doors of the church. As he walked out, there was a “new wind” that started to blow in the church.

 I know that this “new wind” season is here, not just in our church in Stellenbosch, but in the church in South Africa. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to us as a nation for so long now. This book will be a blessing to people who read it with discernment and an open heart, to be challenged and encouraged to sign up to serve the purposes of God in our generation.

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